Frequently Asked Questions

How does Homeboy work?

Homeboy is a home security system that features intuitive mobile apps and the world’s first wire-free, long-life, Wi-Fi camera in production. Homeboy is also the only social home security system that leverages your trusted friends and family to make home security more accessible.

When motion is detected, the Homeboy app sends an alert via SMS, email or push notification to your mobile device, Twitter or Facebook, or to the people in your Homeboy Crew. At the same time, inside your home, the camera sounds an alarm. Immediately after motion is detected, Homeboy starts recording video to the cloud. Upon receiving an alert, you and specified members of your Crew can view video of the incident. Depending on the situation, you can dismiss the alert or take action (such as “call the police”). The camera will continue recording so long as it senses motion in your home.

How quickly will I be notified of an event?

Event notifications come through in real-time. When the system is triggered, you and your Crew are alerted within seconds. Seriously, it’s that fast.

How do I set it up?

Homeboy cameras are elegantly designed and hassle-free to set up. To start, download the Homeboy App on your mobile device. Next, create an account and follow the instructions to connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network. Charge the camera using the enclosed USB cable. When fully charged, mount the magnetic base, attach your Homeboy, and you’re set to go!

How do I arm/disarm my Homeboy?

The Homeboy app supports geo-based arming and disarming, and allows users to choose the size of the geo-fence (small, medium or large).

Homeboy will automatically arm a location when the last Chief or Deputy moves outside of the geo-fence, and disarm the location when the first Chief or Deputy re-enters the geo-fence. Posse members do not impact automatic arming or disarming.

You can also manually arm/disarm in-app.

If you don’t have access to your phone, don’t worry! You can ask a member of your Homeboy Crew to arm/disarm on your behalf.

How does the social security system work?

The Homeboy system is uniquely designed to work as a stand-alone system or as a social security system. Owners have the option to invite their trusted social network, known as their Crew, to help them watch their back and make home security a shared experience.

When you add people to your Crew, each member is assigned a role: Chief, Deputy, or Posse.

Based on their role, members of your Crew can invite new Crew members, arm/disarm, adjust location and camera settings or respond to triggered motion events when the system is armed.

There is no limit to the number of friends and family you can make part of your Crew, and you control what level of access they are assigned to each location.

Is my video secure? Can people in my Crew view video inside my home at any given time?

At Homeboy, we take security very seriously. All communications are encrypted and protected with industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS).

We recently completed a full security audit using Bugcrowd, and plan to run an ongoing bug bounty program that ensures our systems are as secure as possible at any given time.

We also use IETF OAuth2 to authenticate Homeboy services with any third party services.

In order for a member of your Crew to view video, the camera owner must grant them access and they will only be alerted when motion is detected. You are in complete control.

What are some of the ways that I can customize my Homeboy?

Right now Homeboy integrates with IFTTT, allowing you to customize the capabilities of your system and how you communicate with it. For example, through our integration with IFTTT, we unlock over 130 hardware and internet-enabled services for our users. This includes Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect, Belkin WeMo products and the Phillips Hue lighting system, among others. IFTTT also provides integrations with popular smart home platforms such as SmartThings and Wink.

And this is where you come in! We’re looking for feedback on what other services, apps and platforms you’d like to see Homeboy work with, so let us know.

How does IFTTT work?

To take advantage of IFTTT, Homeboy users simply authenticate their account on the Homeboy Channel. 14 Triggers and Actions are then unlocked that enable the creation of personal Recipes, allowing you to truly customize your home security experience.

Does Homeboy provide professional monitoring?

Coming soon! We will be rolling out professional monitoring on a state-by-state basis in 2016.