Homeboy: Security for the rest of us.

Meet Homeboy, the world’s most accessible home security system.

Homeboy attaches magnetically, lasts for 3 months on a single charge, and automatically alerts you when motion is detected. The future of security is here.

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Wire-free, Worry-free.

Homeboy Security Camera with Magnetic Base

Installs easily.

Homeboy is a self-contained security system that runs on your existing Wi-Fi network, is completely wire-free, and requires no additional hardware. No hammers, drills, extra routers or hubs needed.

Recharge it once a quarter, or less.

Homeboy lasts around three months on a single charge with typical usage. Installing near outlets and buying batteries are a thing of the past.

Mounts magnetically, anywhere. Pivots and points, any way.

The Homeboy camera is anchored to its base with magnets, making it easy to remove when recharging or repositioning. Mount it where you want, but point it where you need.

Move beyond streaming.

Homeboy uses a new technology called low-power Wi-Fi so you don't have to keep your camera plugged in. Easily request 5, 10, 20, and 30 second clips of video anytime.

Customize your system to match your lifestyle.

Homeboy can automatically arm and disarm your home when you leave and return using an intelligent geo-fence. Prefer to manually arm or leverage one of our IFTTT recipes? No problem.

Invite your trusted friends and family to help protect your home if you want. Our social security system allows you and your crew to be alerted instantaneously when motion is detected.

Homeboy alerts you in the way you want. Whether it’s a notification to your mobile device, a Twitter or Facebook message, or a ping to your crew, we’ll get in touch immediately.

So much more than a camera.

Homeboy is designed on top of an open platform that communicates with your favorite smart home devices and services.

Tap into over 130 different channels to truly customize your Homeboy experience. Arm your system with a Belkin WeMo switch, trigger your camera when your Nest Protect detects smoke, set your Philips Hue light to turn red when motion is detected, and much more. Homeboy works with your favorite devices and IFTTT recipes to automate your home in a way that’s personal to you.


Motion Detected!

Philips Hue Integration


Turn on Lights

Your choice of coverage.

Use Homeboy Solo

Check in on your home when you’re away. Keep watch on the things you care about most, in the way that makes sense for you.

Round Up Your Crew

Invite members of your trusted social network to join your virtual neighborhood watch. The bigger your crew grows, the more secure your things are.

Leave it to the Professionals

Beginning in early 2016, Homeboy owners can strengthen their home security system with optional professional monitoring on a flexible, non-contract basis.

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  • Simple-to-use, versatile motion-sensing security camera, records both audio and video, with built-in lighting for dark conditions and optional audible alarm
  • Intuitive mobile apps for iOS and Android - get motion alerts delivered straight away
  • IFTTT integration
  • No subscription fees for life
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“This could be the best home-security camera yet.” — PCWorld